Cat Anxiety/Calming Combo Pack

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Helps with separation anxiety, stress, fear, loud situations, obsessive behavior and creates a calming affect.

Set includes: Topical 15 ml & Diffuser Blend 5 ml, Collar Diffuser & Travel Case (while supplies last).

Directions for Use

Topical Blends:  Lick safe.   Can be used topically by rubbing on pet’s fur or affected areas, added to diffuser collar, or can be added to a bandana or cotton collar.  Do not use in an essential oil diffuser.  Keep away from eyes and genital areas.

Diffuser Blends:  Should only be used in an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser.

 Collar Diffuser Instruction:

**Please only use Topical Blends for the collar diffusers!  

Pure Oils (diffuser blends) are too strong to be applied to pets, licked or ingested and may be harmful to your pet.  Unscrew Collar Diffuser, insert felt pad, put a few drops of the topical blend of choice, screw top back on tightly so it does not open with the pet’s movement.  

100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Certified Organic, GC/MS Tested for purity and quality.

Please allow 2-3 business days for shipping.

Disclaimer: This Product does not claim to cure, treat or prevent any disease, and has not been evaluated by the FDA. If your pet suffers from any disease, injury or illness, please seek veterinary help immediately.

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