Optimal Cat Health Analysis

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 Want optimal health for your cat?

If your cat has a health issue or perhaps you want to find out if the food or supplements you're using are beneficial, let's muscle test and find out!   The technique works both in person and remotely with a photo of your cat.  When you purchase an analysis with me you'll provide me via email a photo of your cat along with photos or complete, detailed list (including brand names) of all the food, supplements, medicines, flea and pest control, grooming products, and anything else pertaining to your cat's lifestyle or health you would like analyzed.  Please allow up to 3 days for me to complete the analysis. 

You will receive:

  • A 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your cat's health issue, diet, health history, recent vet exams, tests, blood work, etc.
  • A complete, itemized list of any item and/or ingredient that is not beneficial or agreeing with your cat's body
  • Energetic clearing of sensitivities and trapped emotions, including a healing session
  • A complimentary copy of Optimal Nutrition for Cats, your guide to reading cat food labels and learning what to include in your cat's diet that will give him the very foundation for a long, healthy life
  • Your cat's story may be selected to be featured in one of our future posts (with your permission of course)


*Nothing in this analysis is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure a disease.

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  • 5
    Impressive and informative

    Posted by Mary on Jan 23rd 2020

    I wasn’t sure what to think about muscle testing when my daughter told me about this service, but after reading her cats’ results I was intrigued. The analysis was very detailed and interesting and it made me want to see what trapped emotions/food sensitivities my own cat might have. I ended up learning that my dogs flea/tick treatment was affecting my cat and I was shocked by that! Every pet parent would benefit with a muscle test and I highly recommend Pam!! She’s Very knowledgeable and helpful and goes above and beyond; she even recommended my dog do a detox!

  • 5
    Pam is Incredible!

    Posted by Lindsay on Jan 3rd 2020

    I can not say enough positive things about Pam and our muscle testing experience! I have 2 young cats who have both been showing signs of autoimmune disease since for almost a year. One of them has asthma and suffered a lot in 2019, and after many vet visits I knew there had to be more I could do to help him. The stars finally aligned for me right before Christmas, when The Two Crazy Cat Ladies suggested reaching out to her. In just a week, my cats are both looking and feeling so much better and I know the changes we have made are going to benefit them for many years to come! I am so thankful to have found her; it was the best Christmas gift I could have bought my babies (and myself)! Do yourself a favor and try muscle testing- you will not regret it and your kitties will thank you for it!

  • 5

    Posted by Tracy Burnell on Oct 7th 2019

    I can't tell you how nice it is to have someone like Pam who can help my sweet little cat to get his energy unblocked and figure out which foods are best for him!

  • 5
    Cat Analysis

    Posted by AVRIL CASPER on Jul 11th 2019

    I found this analysis to be very helpful at a time when my stress level is high. Pam came back to me quickly, and that was great!

  • 5
    They are there where help is needed

    Posted by Galyna Repko on Feb 6th 2019

    I am very grateful to Pam who helped me to save my cat Clyde. He had an acute attack of pancreatitis. Pam not only suggested urgently to hospitalize my cat, but also helped us to find the right medicine to stop his vomiting. The doctor at the hospital failed to do so. I wouldn’t have a cat now without Pam - only a huge hospital bill. She also supported me while my cat was at the hospital. Thank you, Pam.

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    Optimum cat health Analysis

    Posted by Beth on Nov 20th 2018

    Pam is amazing! Finding her site was synchronicity . We bought 2 kittens and both with some issues that were not apparent at the time . We are still working with them but they are better and on the way to have a routine that will be healthy for them and preventative . Pam is a cheerleader , she has been reassuring , responsive right away , so present every step end generous with her time. We are building such a great foundation for these cuties so they can release what happened until they got to us physically and emotionally .Pam is holding hope and patience for me when I don't . This work follows my beliefs in life and I am so appreciative to understand and help these little creatures in this way .I have studied a lot and I want the best . I am doing this work in the memory of all my other precious animals and I am very thankful to Pam for being in our life .

  • 5
    Optimal Health

    Posted by Vickie Allman on Jun 25th 2018

    Pam is amazing! She has worked with 3 of my fur babies! They had sensitivities to the “good” food I thought I was giving them. Until working with Pam, Morgan had never eaten wet food. Now, with Pam’s help, all 5 are eating freeze dried and wet food!! They have more energy and are playing more!!
    Pam, I can’t thank you enough for helping me and my babies. I have recommended you to my other friends who have fur babies

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