Animal Reiki Session

Animal Reiki Session

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Reiki, because it is holistic in nature, can address both physical and emotional issues, supporting healing on all levels.  It is an ideal therapy to use with animals because it is gentle, painless, stress-free, and does not require direct physical contact in order to be effective; it also allows animals to choose their own level of participation and acceptance of the energy.  A valuable time to offer Reiki to animals is immediately post-surgery, or post-treatment before they go home.  By offering Reiki at this time, veterinary technicians can support a quick recovery.  Another valuable time to offer Reiki is when an animal is sick or injured in order to assist in the healing process.

Distance sessions are as effective as in-person sessions, and are often preferable to in-person treatments if an animal is excitable, anxious around strangers, very ill or ready to transition.  Distance treatments can benefit in the case of an emergency as they can be easier to schedule.

Message from Lori, serving animals and their humans

Our beloved animals are put on this earth to help us learn. They are highly evolved souls who forgive easily and don't hold grudges. They are here to help us with our own soul's path by bringing more light, compassion, and unconditional love to the planet. They serve a purpose by teaching us patience and to love and accept ourselves, the way that they see us as perfect divine beings. This is part of my purpose, to help the animals heal their traumas because so many are helping the humans, but the animals are also carrying a lot of pain in their energy bodies and need healing as well. It is an honor to be able to help both people and our loving animal companions. The animals unselfishly give us so much. I love working with these pure souls as they are ascending the same as humans are, with a soul purpose of not just helping us but to also learn and grow as well while they are here on this earth. When we help the animals we help humanity bring more light to the universe. They carry old battle wounds just like we do. It's an honor to help release this pain from their energy body as it is a great service to them and humanity.

~ Lori, Reiki Master

Reiki for Pets

It is important that you have an open mind about the Reiki as it will allow your animal companion to relax and be open to accepting and communicating more freely.  You may be present with the animal; however, it is important that you remain quiet and calm.  Pet sessions may last up to 60-75 minutes.

Once your order is received it will be forwarded to Lori.  She will contact you in order to get your animal companion's name and a photo.  She will schedule a time for the session and asks that you be with your companion at that time.  Once the session is over she will email you within 72 hours and share with you any of the symptoms or messages your animal companion has shared as well as general feedback and information about the session.

Reiki for Pet Parents!

Sometimes pet parents need healing, too, because their pets are taking on their emotional and physical burdens out of love for them.  Choosing a Pet & Pet Parent package will provide two separate sessions:  one for the pet and one for the pet parent.  Sessions for the parent may take up to 90 minutes. 

Once your session is purchased we will contact you to get all the information needed for the appointment/s.