Snuffle Mat--Patch of Grass
Snuffle Mat--Patch of Grass

Snuffle Mat--Patch of Grass

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Petique's Snuffle Mat Puzzle Pads are designed to help your dog's nose work and promote mental and physical stimulation as they look for their favorite treats! It challenges your pet's sense of smell by imitating the act of hunting for food. Simply hide their favorite treats under the folds of the colorful fabrics and watch your pets put their nose and brain to work! It's great for pets of any age and it helps relieve excess energy as well as keep them busy and engaged.


  • Many different and fun, colorful felt materials to hide treats underneath
  • The Hot Air Balloon basket is a pocket
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Fun
  • Easy to clean


  • Great for pets who have so much energy they start showing destructive behavior like destroying the couch, digging, etc.
  • Helps prevent destructive behavior
  • Great for pets to practice their nose work
  • Relieves excess energy, which is very helpful for hyper pets
  • Provides the same amount of mental and physical stimulation as a walk around the block
  • Keeps your pets busy while you work 
  • Encourages natural foraging skills and satisfies intellectual curiosity 
  • Imitates the act of hunting for food

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable 
  • Do not Bleach
  • Line dry



27.33"L X 24"W


Customer Reviews

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Sharon Riegert
My Dori is having lots of fun with the snuffling mats!

Dori took to the snuffling mats right away. She knows now that when she gets treats that they will be hidden in one of the mats. She excitedly sniffs & paws at the mat until she finds her hidden treat & then comes to me to announce her triumph! She especially loves ‘the patch of grass’ since I washed it. It came through the washer & dryer beautifully. She now loves just sitting & napping on it, also!