Animal Communication with Bonnie
Animal Communication with Bonnie

Animal Communication with Bonnie

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Bonnie will be unavailable for sessions until March 1st.  

As a pet parent how many times have you wanted to know what our furry friends are thinking or feeling?  I can tell you that animal communication is a very real thing, and everyone has this ability, they just don't know it.  Essentially it is using a telepathic ability that we all have; we just have to be taught how to tap in to it.  There are many benefits to animal communication:  deepening your relationship with your animal, understanding or resolving behavior or health issues, learning what makes your animal happy, having a connection with them while you are away, and connecting after they have passed on or are about to pass.  Whatever your reason may be, I can assure you it can be life-changing. These sessions are not intended to intuitively check treatments or products for specific health issues or conditions, but information gained from a session can be highly valuable for your vet.

We highly recommend you download the FAQ page for Animal Communication sessions if you are new to this kind of service and to get the most out of your session.


Welcome to an exploration of interspecies communication – a journey of discovering ways to restore a deep relationship with different forms of life.  Lessons I have learned from my own pets are the gifts that led me on this journey, and I continue to develop and hone my skills. 

As a trained animal communicator, my role is that of a messenger and catalyst to communicate with your beloved pets and you.  Compassion guides me as I seek the animals’ greatest good in each session. By connecting with my intuition I engage with these souls in meaningful dialogue and bring their message to you. Working with animals is an expansive, heart-opening practice, that brings learning and healing while we work with the animals. You and I will work together--this is our journey!  Even though the practice is so expansive, it is very simple. Simply letting go of complexities, being present, and allowing the animals to show us the way is the most important part of the process. 

My calling has been to work with animals who are about to transition and helping pet parents prepare for this very difficult decision.  It can provide reassurance knowing if the pet is ready to move on and if the decision they or their vet want to make is the right one. I also love working with animals in spirit. The conversations with animals in spirit are comforting - even to me, as an animal communicator.  This connection brings reassurance to both myself and pet parents that our pets are always there, guiding us whenever we need their support. Finally, I too have embraced the pain of having two of my own cats go missing and they were never found; thus began my journey to become an animal communicator. My goal is to be with the pet parents on their journey when the pet is missing, to help them reunite, or whatever the outcome is for the pet’s greatest good. This process can be a short one or a long one. If you are reading this, I can empathize with your pain, and I hope that I can be of some service to you and your pet.

Prayer, hope and gentle nudges from the pets are what awaken our souls to the world of miracles and magic. It is an honor to be working with you and your pet. 

Bonnie is a Reiki Master and an Animal Communicator who specializes in working with lost pets, animals in transition, spirit animals and, animals in the wild. She spends her days and months between Germany and India and has several rescued animals of her own and a couple of wild ones who visit her every day. Other modalities she often uses during sessions include Reiki, dowsing, and muscle testing. 

Animal Communication Sessions

Once your session is purchased Bonnie will contact you by email requesting details and to book a time for your session.  You will need to please provide the following -photo, name, age, and questions.  Interactive sessions can be held via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google meeting or Zoom meeting.  

Bonnie does Animal communication in the following areas:

Animals in transition
Animals who have already transitioned
Lost pets 

Note:  For animals in transition (a body scan & Reiki session included), answers will be given within 48 hours. For Animals who have transitioned, Bonnie will need 7 days. 

Session Options

Animals In Transition or Who Have Transitioned:

Interactive with written transcript

  • 20 minute interactive $111

For interactive sessions, you and Bonnie will set up an appointment that will be conducted via one of the options listed above. You will have the option to record the session, which is recommended so you can listen to it later to catch any details you missed the first time.

Written transcript only

  • $99 for 3 questions
  • $140 for 5-7 questions

Written sessions can normally be completed within 7 days and upon receipt of the required details (photo, name, age, and question list).   Once Bonnie has spoken with the animal she will email you details of the conversation, which includes any messages your animal companion has shared as well as general information about the session.

Lost Pets

These sessions are interactive followed by a written transcript.  For lost animals, Bonnie takes a very fluid approach. There is a great urgency with any lost pet, thus she connects with the pet parents as a medium.  Clues are picked up while speaking to the pet parents which sets up a process of tracking the pet.  Bonnie honors the timelines set by pets to resurface and/or reunite. This will be explained in the initial connection with the pet parent(s). Throughout the journey, Bonnie will empower you with tools and processes that will enable you to connect with your lost pet while she keeps tracking the pet (via follow up stages) as long as the pet and pet parent permit her. The lost pet cases are an emotional journey for everyone involved and there are many soul learnings that come out of this. Thus, please buy this session if as a pet parent you are willing to follow through until the very end, embracing the outcome given to the animal communicator as they are shared by the pet. 

Initial session:  $140

This will include up to three sessions with the pet parent.

Follow up stages:  $50 per session


My husband and I connected with Bonnie in Nov 2020 under extremely stressful circumstances. One of our dogs had run away from home because of the firecrackers during Diwali and we were going crazy trying to find him. We had tried patrolling areas near our house, put up missing flyers all around the area, created a buzz on our Facebook and WhatsApp groups but there was no sign of him.That was when my mother in law mentioned reading about another couple who found their missing pet through Bonnie. By that time, we were pretty much willing to try anything that would work. And while neither of us were believers of animal communication at that time, we thought they was no harm in giving this a shot as well.

I connected with Bonnie on Whatsapp. Once we started chatting, I somehow felt at ease and knew that we would find Alex, even though it might take some time. She was so easy to talk to and made the whole process extremely simple. Right at the beginning she mentioned that she would only help us getting Alex back if he is willing (which, thank God, he was). 

Even though Bonnie was working on multiple cases at that time, she certainly gave us very clear directions of where we should look for him and where he could possibly be. It took us about 2-3 days to find him and bring him back. I know the beginning of our association with Bonnie was based on a horrible event, that I never want anyone to go through, but I am glad that it introduced us to someone as genuine as her. This entire episode earned us and Alex a friend for life! Even after all this while, Bonnie checks in on Alex every now and then. And I’m sure he is just as grateful as we are that we were able to find Bonnie at a time that we did.

I don’t know how many more people I have referred to Bonnie since that time but all those associations have been successful as well.. Thank you Bonnie (and I’ll never be able to say that enough times)🙂🙂🙂

 ~ Ishita, Gurgaon (India)


It was back in 2019 – my Mum’s cat was lost for almost 3 weeks by then and my Mum in despair having tried everything. Miki (10) used to roam in the huge garden areas surrounded by houses where my Mum lives but always returned home at night. 

While I was telling Bonnie about it (Bonnie not knowing the cat nor where my Mum lived) she told me that she got the image of a wooden gate and connecting with Miki she could make out that she was still alive but in pain, afraid and in hiding. Furthermore, that there was a strong smell of petrol surrounding her and a grey cat who seemed to look after her.

Telling my Mum about it, it came to light that there was indeed a wooden gate which was used by cats to get into the garden area and some garages. That behind the houses is a very busy road going into the city centre and a park. The grey cat being  a male cat who came to my Mum on and off getting fed. 

With this knowledge my Mum (at that time being almost 80) again mobilized everything. She went round all the houses and rang the neighbors and handing out leaflets. It is a huge area and a big neighborhood. All houses have their cellars opening to the garden area. 

Unbelievable within 3 days Miki came back clinging on to dear life – being only bones.  My Mum took her to the vet and she made it and fully recovered. She is now no longer wanting to go outside and stays with my Mum in doors and the grey cat has now moved in. Only because Bonnie described the situation so well due to picking up all those details from and around Miki – the fact that she was still alive brought the initiative to search for her again to life and ended in a success. My Mum is so greatful to Bonnie to have gotten her beloved cat back.

~ Vivien W. 

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