6 Weeks 


Initial 1 hour consultation

Optimal Cat Health Analysis

Energy healing sessions 

Weekly Check Ups to monitor progress and make adjustments

Personalized Chart for products/protocols

Weekly 1 hour coaching session via phone, Skype, FB Messenger

Basic teaching of muscle testing techniques 

15% discount on all items purchased at during the 6 week session

Includes muscle testing as needed during the 6 week session.

Includes your choice of either 1 Animal Communication or Reiki session



1st cat: $1000

Each additional cat: $900 

Holistic Health Coaching for Cats & Cat Parents
“ One cat just leads to another.” Kittens are my weakness, and every few years or so I get the urge to add another one to the family. Each one is special and unique and steals a piece of my heart. My goal is to share ways you can apply principles of holistic health for cats through a variety of means.






Can I track my order?

Yes, absolutely! All of our orders are shipping with immediate tracking, you can see exactly where your order is using the "Shipping and Tracking" page on our site.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a money back guarantee on all of our orders.

What payment methods do you accept?

-Apple Pay

-Google Pay

-Shop Pay


-Diners Club


-American Express




How does muscle testing work without actually seeing the cat in person?

All living, sentient beings have an electromagnetic field that is unique to itself; this field conducts energy and carries information via the nervous system. Muscle testing is a tool used to gather information by tapping into the nervous system in order to "talk" to the body. The physics of quantum coherence in the universe connects everything by way of electrical energetic transfer or electromagnetism. This principle is how muscle testing remotely using a photo is just as accurate as in person.