Optimal Cat Health Check Up

Optimal Cat Health Check Up

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Intended for cats who have done an Optimal Cat Health Analysis within 6 months, this services uses energy testing techniques to assess and address your cat's progress.  Foods are retested along with any supplements, medications, chakra balancing, and energy healing.  Dosage protocols are also checked along with determining if any additional support is needed or changed. A free 20 minute consultation is also included to discuss the cat parent's observations and concerns.

If it's been longer than 6 months since the cat's original analysis was completed then a new Optimal Cat Health Analysis is needed instead.

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Customer Reviews

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Priya Lal
Helped my cats relax and be more at ease

I noticed my cats were more relaxed after the treatment and seemed happier. The treatment really seemed to target the issues and helped with my elderly cats. Thank you 🙏

Noor Alibay
Amazing work !!

Pam has done a wonderful job as usual ! She has been treating my beloved kitty Flocon for quite some time and each time it’s been amazing ! :-D
Such great results ! I don’t know how I would do without her… it’s really reassuring to me to know that she is always there to help us if there is an issue with my baby !
Pam is so generous with her time and always try to be as available as she can and I hope she will know how grateful I am to her… :)
I recommend her tremendously, it’s really worth it ! :-)

Thank you Noor! It's such an honor to help you and Flocon and equally as cool to have clients like you from all over the world! Bon jour!

Susan Haynes-Carabello
Personalized Holistic Treatment

Optimal Cat Health check ups are now a routine part of my healthcare program for my beloved Rockie, my 15 year old rescue and BFF. Pam’s wisdom and compassion, combined with her laser focused energy treatment has my fur baby in the best shape that she has been in for many years. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Pam!

Thank you so much! The pleasure truly is mine! Rockie has an incredibly amazing cat mom who is also incredibly intuitive and gifted.

Joan Rabottini
Pam Does Great Work!

Pam does a great job working with my 13yo cat with complex health issues. She is thorough in her evaluations and makes very helpful recommendations.

Julie Sontag
Cat angel!

I call Pam my cat angel. I stumbled upon her after many many vet visits for my kitty. Pam was the one with all the answers and solutions. Every time I reach out to her, she knows exactly what to do and what’s going on. I cannot recommend her enough. Her assessments are thorough and her heart is pure and kind and full of empathy. She blows any veterinarian out of the water and I’m so glad I don’t feel I have to resort to giving my anxious baby drugs but few and far between moments, if at all. I hope she’s your next angel too.