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Mind Body Spirit Release (TM)

Mind Body Spirit Release (TM)

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Mind Body Spirit ReleaseTM (MBSRTM) is designed to help remove cellular imprints from negative experiences and trauma. Our bodies remember every hormone, neurotransmitter, energy/nerve block, limiting belief and emotion from each significant event in our lives, even though we might not remember in our conscious minds. When our cells are triggered - by something like a person, emotion, relationship or even a smell - to recall an event, our bodies can re-enact the same experience on a biochemical level. This is done on a subconscious level over which we have no control.

Because we have no control over these biochemical reactions, they can make us experience physical and emotional symptoms that we would not like to have. For example, an imprinted limiting belief that you do not deserve to succeed will create a situation where you are subconsciously sabotaging your ability to succeed (in career, relationships, health, weight...). No amount of positive thinking or affirmation-saying can change this because 95% of the brain operates on a subconscious level and is making this decision for you. To make matters worse, the conscious mind innately wants to prove that what the subconscious mind believes is true, so it will protect those false beliefs. It is simply a self-preservation mechanism.

MBSRTM is a way to help identify those negative cellular imprints buried in the subconscious and release them so that you are free to re- create your own story, to reach the goals you desire, to be more of the person you want to be. Depending on the number of layers or imprints, results can be immediate, or can happen gradually through several clearings over time. Just know that a new and wonderful freedom awaits you through MBSRTM!

“We operate from the conscious mind less than 5% of the day. Unless the subconscious has the same programming as the conscious mind, the power of positive thinking will not work.” -Bruce Lipton, PhD

How do you access these blocks?
We use a technique sometimes applied by hypnotherapists, psychologists and psychotherapists called The Ideomotor Response. It is easily done by measuring a muscle (-motor) response to an “idea” (ideo-) or statement. In this case, we use a pendulum which responds via muscle movements in the hand. The subconscious mind provides data this way that is relevant to the blocks keeping you from reaching your goals and then we are able to clear the subconscious blocks.

How do you clear these blocks?
Once we are aware of the blocks, we can use a cold laser to stimulate certain acupuncture points, meridians and reflex points to eliminate the body’s stress reaction to the blocks and allow you to input healthy beliefs that support your goal.

What to expect after your session:
MBSRTM is very individualized and each person processes through the clearing differently. Many people immediately feel like a weight is lifted and are very relaxed and even a bit detached, while a small number go through a detox of sorts as the body is finally able to release stored physical and emotional toxins. This is normal and healthy and very short-lived. Remember that this modality only truly works if you are involved in the process, willing to let go of your blocks and willing to do the work to move to the next level of wellbeing. MBSRTM is simple, effective and can literally change your life – are you ready to let go of what is holding you back?

“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Reprinted with permission from Mind Body Spirit Release TM Academy


We are in the beginning stages of our fur baby's (Ferrari) detox journey and the experience has been delightful but more importantly, healing. Pam has been a doll with quick responses, order fulfillment and answering all our questions. So grateful we discovered her and her ‘magical’ methods. The best is yet to come...

~Deni W.

Pam is truly gifted!

Pam has been working her magic on my cats for 2+ years, and now she has helped me as well! During Mind, Body, Spirit Release she found trapped emotions, fears, self limiting beliefs and specific problems that were currently going on in my life. I was shocked at how accurate it was each time, and grateful I was able to acknowledge and work on these issues. She gave me the tools to help work on myself and it was a truly healing experience. Highly recommend!

~Lindsay R.

I am forever grateful for Pam.
She has worked on my animals several times, this time she worked on me!
We worked together to come up with an "Intention Statement" cleverly including everything I wanted my life to be. Then she did her magic, while I meditated for the first time. It was SO relaxing, I almost fell asleep! After the session, she emailed me the notes and we went over them together. We got to the "life event" that I was holding onto and I burst into tears. I was detoxing emotionally, Pam removed that trauma imprint from me. I have never felt as relaxed as I did after our session. It's been two weeks since we met, my goals are being met, I have never been more organized, clear-headed, worry-free and I have lost 10 pounds!! I am forever grateful for the work Pam does, but she is really hitting it out of the ballpark with this service.
Pam, THANK YOU for being you, and thank you for always giving your best!

~Maurica E.

Pam is a natural at utilizing MBSR to identify and clear all manner of blocks. After speaking with me about what I was experiencing, she quickly zeroed in on the perfect intention for this session.  After identifying the blocks that needed to be cleared, Pam sent a list of what was cleared during the session. Everything she listed resonated with me and even though I didn’t know what time she would start clearing, it turns out that the shift I felt that very evening happened right after she was finished. Amazing!

~Cindy P.

Just wanted to update on something very cool - after our recent clearing on Wednesday, I suddenly felt NO need, and didn't even feel like swiping on Bumble! The previous few days before our clearing I was still feeling slightly "anxious" and thinking should I be swiping and doing all I can etc. Now I'm just... zen and have no anxious thoughts whatsoever. Amazing!  

MBSR is definitely working wonders for me, my sense of security in myself is improving, and while I'm still improving, I feel like I have more of a calm and relaxed state of being and feeling enough. 

Thank you!!!



Booking your Pet Parent session

Once you have purchased the Mind Body Spirit Release session Pam will send you a calendar link to book your appointment.  All appointments are held remotely via Zoom or phone call.

Please download the Client Contract, Waiver & Release and CLIENT INTAKE FORM.  Once completed please email them to within 24 hours of your appointment.

Please allow 2.5 hours for appointments.

Pet Sessions

Mind Body Spirit Release (TM) for pets is ideal for releasing emotional blocks related to behavior issues as a result of negative experiences or trauma.  Oftentimes this can look like conflicts between family members or an inappropriate/change in behavior.  A free 20 minute consultation is included if needed in order to better understand the pet parent's concern.  However, no online meeting is necessary while Pam performs the actual session on the pet.  Please allow up to 5 days to complete a session. Clearing notes and recommended next steps will be sent to the pet parent upon completion.  

Please download the Client Contract, Waiver & Release and  Pet Client Intake Form and return it along with a photo of the pet by itself to

MBSRTM is a form of energetic clearing and nothing from this description or from the session connected to it is meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe in any way. ©2021 Tracy W. Southwick, ND, HHP



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Customer Reviews

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Karen Morgan
Help with love

Pam is amazing. Every time I come to her for help with my dog’s issues she makes it all better. I don’t understand how she does it but I know I can trust her 100% to do right by my baby and make the very best recommendations.

Cat Lover Harriet
Helping Presley through the loss of his brother...

We had to put our much-loved kitty, Costello, down in February. His brother, Presley (the Elvis brothers) was having a hard time, and I contacted Pam to work with Presley on the Mind Body Spirit Release. Pam told us about Presley's grief and his lifelong fears. He has always been our scaredy cat...hiding whenever someone new came into the house. Most of our friends didn't even know that Presley existed. Pam worked with Presley to release his fears and grief, and he has been so much less fearful since then. He even came downstairs the other night when we had people over for dinner. We are going to do a follow-up with Pam in a few weeks and are beyond grateful to Pam for her understanding and caring for our Presley.

Pam was The Missing Link!

My cat Bear never had a weight problem partly because he's very active but also I feed him the good stuff (grain free canned, organic when possible, freeze dried raw treats, and fresh raw). However, he gained 4-5 pounds over a couple of years and despite tracking every single calorie, changing foods, increasing exercise/play, the scale wasn't moving. I felt like a bad guardian when taking him for his check ups because they'd weigh him and tell me I really needed to try getting his weight down. But I WAS TRYING! 😭😡 Then finally, I decided to book a session with Pam! I had been hearing about her incredible healing work for years. Turns out one of his main issues was the toxification from a rabies shot (We were planning to move home to Hawaii where this is required). I hadn't correlated any of his weight gain to this. So immediately, we went on a detox program, specialized for what tested well for Bear! Guess what? Bear has lost all his extra weight and is back to normal. It's so great seeing him happier and with more energy, just like his kitten days! We're due for another "Pam Session" soon to just check in. If you're at a dead end or just want to take your cat's health to the next level, book a session with Pam today! 😽THANK YOU PAM!!

Deni We
Ferrari loves Pam!

We are in the beginning stages of our fur babies (Ferrari) detox journey and the experience has been delightful but more importantly, healing. Pam has been a doll with quick responses, order fulfillment and answering all our questions. So grateful we discovered her and her ‘magical’ methods. The best is yet to come...

Thank you so much! Sending lots of love, purrs and head butts to you and Ferrari!️

Iena Robinson

I received a Mind Body Spirit Release from Pam just 21 days ago. I should say here that I am a professional healer and have had many different types of sessions with many people. The accuracy and potency of this specific modality was absolutely astonishing! My focus was to clear my blocks from financial abundance. I am now making an average of $2000 per day! I will be booking my follow up session and recommend that you get started today!!

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