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Animal Communication with Kate

Animal Communication with Kate

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Book at free 20 minute consultation with Kate by contacting her here: 

Are you new to the idea of animal communication?  Be sure to read our FAQ page in order to get the most out of your session.  

Growing up, I always felt a deep connection and intrigue with animals, specifically honing in on their emotions and distinct personalities. Animal communication is a skill that I began to demonstrate at a young age, and which I would end up refining in my late 20s.


As a child, I spent a lot of time in the Adirondacks of upstate New York, listening to and eventually connecting with the local wildlife including turtles, foxes, and bullfrogs. In the home, I would receive what I would later come to understand as the messages from the pets of family and friends, passing their information along as a general vibe, feeling or fact.


In 2020, I was guided to Danielle Tremblay’s animal communication classes. This experience was by far one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received as not only did it confirm my ability, it helped guide my practice to refine the ways I’m able to communicate. I was fortunate enough to have incredible teachers, both through Danielle and her pets, as well as through my own pets and those of my friends and family who were open to sessions. My own two dogs, a shepherd mix named Riley, and a pit bull plott hound mix named Scout have been incredible guides in the process.


Each animal is different, so I receive information in a few different ways. For most, its clairaudience and clairsentience, meaning I hear select words and responses or get distinct feelings/see visuals that the animals choose to show. While the communication styles may differ, the one consistent across all of my sessions is an ability to capture the animal’s personality. It is truly exciting and an honor to get to meet these beautiful souls, each of whom comes into the session with their own tone, opinions and experiences. Most people are fairly in-tune with their pets so my goal with each session is to help validate or clarify any concerns and help people and their pets understand each other just a little bit more.


My mini doxie, Maya, who has been blind since the age of five and who is now 14, started acting out and nipping. I was concerned that she was feeling unsafe since her hearing is now also compromised and we had other dogs staying with us for a short time. Kate did a great job reading her! It turns out that she wasn’t feeling unsafe but she was feeling stiff and achy. Now when I see her acting like that, I give her medication to relieve her pain and we are all much happier. The nipping issue has been resolved! Kate also relayed that due to the other dogs being around, Maya was a bit annoyed and in need of reassurance that the visiting dogs would be leaving soon.
I then asked Kate to check in with our younger mini doxie, Midge. Kate relayed that Midge was not happy at feeding time and asked if she was fed at a different time than our other dogs. I explained that all 3 of our dogs are fed the same food at the same time. Kate said that Midge was insistent and kept showing her food dish and that she was very unhappy. Once Kate specified about the dish, it dawned on me that 2 weeks previous we had begun to use a slow feeder for Midge since she would inhale her food so fast, she would begin coughing and occasionally vomit it up. We are working with Midge to eat slower and have discontinued the slow feeder. Kate also picked up a couple of other things going on that validated my observations concerning Midge in relation to our other dogs.
I am really glad that Kate did such a wonderful job reading our pups! We consider them a big part of our family and if there are unhappy family members, it affects us all! If Kate had only solved the nipping issue because Maya was in pain, I would have been happy. With the other things we learned, I am
thrilled and so glad to have happy pups once again!

Kate Is Awesome
Kate contacted me quickly by email as soon as I made the purchase. Scheduling was easy and the wait time was short.
Kate communicated with my baby boy and the answers to my questions made total sense. I was amazed by the amount of information I got in that one session. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to get answers from their pets.

Animal Communication Sessions

Kate’s sessions include a 45-60 minute live Q&A or a shorter 20 minute quick check in via Google hangouts or Skype.  Once the session is purchased Kate will contact you by email requesting details including a photo, name, nickname and age of the pet. During the in-person session, we will walk through your questions and she will provide responses in real-time.  Recordings are available following the call.


$140 for a 45-60 minute session

$60 for a 20 minute quick check in



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Customer Reviews

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Vickie Allman
KiKi’s Sessions with Kate

Kate is amazing! I have done 3 sessions with her about my outside fur baby “KiKi”. The first session I had questions about how to help KiKi keep warm this winter. It gets cold and snowy here in WV. Kiki shared not only where she wanted her house but what she wanted in it to keep her warm! Her description: I want sheets and soft fleece blankets on the right in the house. Please put up a door cover over the back opening. I would like the house under the front porch. Kiki was very adamant about not wanting to be indoors and that she was very capable of hunting!
At the 2nd session I ask questions if the house was the way she wanted. She liked the sheets and blankets in there but wanted them changed because there was a bad smell in there! So I went and got a new soft baby blanket and sheet. This time she also asked for straw/hay which was to be put in front of her door inside the lattice and inside her house on the left! I also asked about her not feeling the greatest because of possible parasites. Her response was she felt lethargic but was very capable of taking care of herself. Kate explained they don’t feel how we do about not feeling well.
At the 3rd session with Kate, yesterday, Dec. 6, I did a 3rd session with Kate about KiKi. I had found her in her house Sunday where she had crossed the rainbow bridge! I was so upset and Kate was able to answer questions for me. She said KiKi wanted me to know that she was OKAY in all caps. She wanted me to know that I did everything I could for her and that I was not to feel guilty. I thought she may have gotten into poison but she told Kate she was not poisoned. It was her insides — parasites!
Kate has a wonderful gift and is so caring! She was able to answer all my questions and make me understand from KiKi that I had no reason to feel guilty. Kiki also said she wanted me to continue showing kindness to other animals like I did her. Even though tears were shed, I am feeling much better.

Many blessings Kate! 😻❤️

Nazli Aras
Kate Is Awesome

Kate contacted me quickly by email as soon as I made the purchase . Scheduling was easy and the wait time was short.
Kate communicated with my baby boy and the answers to my questions made total sense. I was amazed by the amount of information I got in that one session. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to get answers from their pets .

Bonnie Carlston
Great session!

Kate was so kind and nice and was very generous with her time. I was able to connect with both my kitties and get answers I needed from my geriatric kitty. Great experience! I highly recommend Kate!

Teresa S
Animal Communication Session with Kate

Enjoyed the session with Kate. I have a new kitten and Kate confirmed some of what I had already been thinking.

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