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Animal Communication with Nina

Animal Communication with Nina

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As a pet parent how many times have you wanted to know what our furry friends are thinking or feeling?  I can tell you that animal communication is a very real thing, and everyone has this ability, they just don't know it.  Essentially it is using a telepathic ability that we all have; we just have to be taught how to tap in to it. 

There are many benefits to animal communication:  deepening your relationship with your animal, understanding or resolving behavior or health issues, learning what makes your animal happy, having a connection with them while you are away, and connecting after they have passed on or are about to pass. 

Whatever your reason may be, I can assure you it can be life-changing. These sessions are not intended to intuitively check treatments or products for specific health issues or conditions, but information gained from a session can be highly valuable for your vet.

We highly recommend you download the FAQ page for Animal Communication sessions if you are new to this kind of service and to get the most out of your session.


My spiritual journey led to Kim Shotola's Lightfoot Way Animal Communication class in 2008 after I was gifted an animal communication session.  The experience was truly life changing in my case.  Curiosity prompted me to take the class because I wanted to know how it worked.  During the class I knew I was hearing animals speak simply due to the distinct nature of the conversations I heard. There was no way I would have been able to make up all the information I received in my imagination.  Once I completed the class I began to channel the family dog, Haaris, whose name means Guardian in Arabic.  It felt like I was channeling God through Haaris, and this continued for a period of time.

I have always liked animals but to suddenly hear them express their thoughts and opinions completely transformed my reality.  As a result, I was no longer the superior party in any animal relationship.  Dogs, cats, and horses were eager to communicate once they knew I was listening.  I love the way pets' personalities come through in the conversations.   Some are hilarious!  Other pets are relieved to be heard because they have wanted to talk about a problem for a long time.  Spirit is always there in the exchange.

That paradigm shift in reality led me to study other healing modalities including angelic healing, energy work and the Akashic Records where all information is stored including past lives that animals have shared with us.  I consider myself to be a life-long Seeker!

I was raised in Austin, TX,  and attended college at The University of Texas and in Spain with NYU.  After that I taught school, raised 3 kids while working from home in an export business, and now have 3 grandchildren.  I have had horses whenever I could afford one along with some memorable cats and dogs, too. Currently I hope to share the remainder of my life with my husband in the Austin Hill Country. Since we are seniors it's good to keep things in perspective!   I am a caretaker to two horses, some cows, and a geriatric turkey.  My daughter Aisha's two cats, Nick and Jeff, enjoy checking me out and staying around if they are so inclined and not too busy with other activities.

Animal Communication Sessions

Nina offers both written and interactive sessions.  When appropriate, she will include some energy work during the session to help the pet. Once the session is purchased Nina will contact you by email requesting details including a photo, name and age of the pet, and questions.  Most sessions can be completed within 72 hours.  Urgent/emergency sessions can be completed within 24-48 hours. 

Session options:

  • $64 for 1 question or a quick check in/written 
  • $99 for 3 questions/written
  • $99 for a 30 minute interactive
  • $140 for 5-6 questions/written
  • $140 for a 45 minute interactive 
  • $175 for  a 60 minute interactive

Urgent/emergency sessions are available for an additional $30.


I had the good fortune of meeting Nina in 2007 through horses. Nina has been a very important part in helping me keep my horses happy and healthy...both in the form of Equine Bodywork and Communication. She is both astute and intuitive in her communication. Often helping find issue that my veterinarians and I haven't quite been able to figure out. 

I have some great and funny stories I could tell from her communications with my horses. One told her, years ago, that he was happy with my care and riding but to " get rid of the dang cat!" The cat was constantly using his stall as a giant litter box!

More recently, one of my barn kitties disappeared. She had shown up about 8 years ago and had made herself at home. She used to follow me around at night when I was feeding and haying the horses outside. She'd meow like she was talking to me the whole time. Then one morning, right before New Years' eve, my barn helper mentioned that she hadn't seen her in awhile. Neither had I. She usually hung either in the barn or just outside on the grass. After a day or two, I got worried and asked Nina to check in with her. Sadly, she told me that the kitty wandered off and passed peacefully. She also told me that the kitty loved the being a part of my barn family and helping me . 

 I really appreciated Nina's help in putting my mind at easy about my Noche kitty. 

~ Suzanne W. 

Nina is amazing!  She has been my distance animal communicator and has done energy work on my dogs for several years.   Through her knowledge, she had helped them overcome many health problems, behavior problems and food issues.  My dogs are responsive to her and I notice a calmness in them and a significant improvement after a session.  Nina is very down to earth and offers helpful tips that allow my animals to move ahead and heal.  She has helped me understand my dogs which has deepened my human-animal relationship with them.  Nina is truly gifted and a blessing to all.  Many thanks!

~ Liz, Stonie and Franny



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Cat Lover Harriet
Helping Presley through the loss of his brother...

A few months ago, we lost our beloved 15-year-old Costello who left behind his brother, Presley. I had no idea if Presley wanted a companion or preferred to be an only cat. That's when I contacted Nina who, via Presley, said that Presley did indeed want a companion, a very specific companion from the Humane Society.
I asked Nina if she could facilitate the vetting of a new kitty through Presley, and that began our journey. I visited one kitty whom Presley turned down. I know it sounds odd, but when I got home from the Humane Society that day, Presley would not come out and greet me as usual. In fact, he wouldn't pay any attention to me at all. Then my husband and I found another cat on the website whose picture I sent to Nina for approval. As my husband and I were discussing visiting this second cat, I turned around and Presley threw up at my feet. Another cat rejected.
A few days later, I found 2 cats at the Humane Society, both of whom Presley via Nina approved. Off we went to the Humane Society to meet them--one of whom Presley said was kind (not very interested in us, however) and the other would be more fun (he was all over us). We brought home the "fun" cat.
We had no idea what to expect bringing a new cat into the house. Presley met us at the door, and we let Cooper (the fun kitty) out of his crate. They rubbed noses immediately, and we found them the next day washing each other's heads. Cooper is a wonderful addition to our family, and he and Presley are slowly forming a friendship.
I know it all sounds crazy, but we are convinced that Presley knew who was coming and had approved of him. I have a few friends who think I am a bit odd, and several others who have asked for Nina's contact information. In any case, we are so pleased to have found and worked with Nina who is delightful and quite talented. It's been a fascinating and delightful journey...


Nina helped me a lot once again ! Everything is back to normal with my cat Flocon thanks to her, I recommend her immensely ! She is very good at what she is doing !! Merci ! :-D


Nina was PAWSOME !!! I was amazed by how she communicated with the cats ! It was very informative and it helped me a lot understanding my cat and my parents’ cats !
Thanks for your time, you’ve been very generous… :-)

Endearing and Touching Experience

With the busyness of life I really appreciated the ease of the written communication method. I was grateful to be contacted so swiftly for the Animal Communication. The insights were so illuminating but also really wonderful to help validate some inklings that I was having about my kitty and our relationship. Nina shared accounts that I hadn't spoken to anyone else about and also share suggestions on elements I could bring forth to help bring balance and well-being for my kitty. I really enjoyed the process. I found the energy to be very sweet with moments of awe. Thank you Nina!

Rebecca Paris
Loved learning about Barry

Nina did a wonderful job with the Akashic reading for our dog Barry. We got a wonderful glimpse of who he is at a soul level. Can’t believe he has been with our family for 700 lifetimes. Appreciate this deeper connection with Barry.

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