Ocean Supreme Fish Oil
Ocean Supreme Fish Oil

Ocean Supreme Fish Oil

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Ocean Omega Supreme fish oil is sourced from Iceland which is the cleanest and most sustainable fishery on the planet. 

Animal Essentials uses a blend of anchovy, sardine, mackerel and jacks in order to minimize the impact on a single species. 

Benefits: For healthy skin & coat, healthy nervous and circulatory systems, and a strong immune system. Fortified with natural Vitamin E.  Higher in Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) than other fish oils.

Human Food Grade quality, processed according to strict USA and European Pharmacopeia standards. Each batch is distilled by state-of-the-art methods to remove pesticides, heavy metals and other contaminants.

Impact resistant PET plastic bottle is recyclable and avoids chemical leaching that may occur with other forms of plastic. Pharmaceutical grade phenolic seal cap keeps the oil fresh and viable.