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Model No.: X6001; Covering Material: Ultra-Thick Faux Fur; Covering Color: Dark Sea-green; Board Material: Pressed Wood; Post Diameter: 3.5"; Overall Dimensions: 33"(L)X25"(W)X60"(H); Base Dimensions: 25" X 25"; House Dimensions: 24"(L)X13"(W)X13"(H); Perch Dimensions: 12" X 12"; Extra Feature: Doubled Base; Easy to assemble with step by step instructions and tools; Max Holding Weight: 50 lbs;

Cat Tree

A cat tree improves your indoor cat’s quality of life and provides an outlet for their instincts in the safety of your home. These intelligent companions are curious, and need both physical exercise and mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy.

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