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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

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 What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese spiritual healing technique using the hands to help move and restore energy (ki) flowing through the body.  When this life force energy is strong and flowing freely, there is health and ease in the body.  On the contrary, when this energy is stuck, blocked or stagnant, dis-ease and blocks to health occur.  Restoring this open flow of energy throughout the body is highly beneficial on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Reiki, because it is holistic in nature, can address both physical and emotional issues, supporting healing on all levels.  It is an ideal therapy to use with animals because it is gentle, painless, stress-free, and does not require direct physical contact in order to be effective; it also allows animals to choose their own level of participation and acceptance of the energy.  A valuable time to offer Reiki to animals is immediately post-surgery, or post-treatment before they go home.  By offering Reiki at this time, veterinary technicians can support a quick recovery.  Another valuable time to offer Reiki is when an animal is sick or injured in order to assist in the healing process.

Distance sessions are as effective as in-person sessions, and are often preferable to in-person treatments if an animal is excitable, anxious around strangers, very ill or ready to transition.  Distance treatments can benefit in the case of an emergency as they can be easier to schedule.

Meet Deanna!

Deanna’s love for animals led her down the path as a Healer. She became vegan and wanted to help animals around the world, after learning about the Meat, Dairy and Egg industries. Reiki was the perfect method, since it could be conducted in-person or globally from a distance. The results and feedback she received were miraculous and surreal for both animals and people, and once she realized it wasn’t a coincidence or the placebo effect, Deanna left the corporate world in 2019. There was no way she was going to sell software for another 18 years, if she could help eliminate pain/suffering, and reverse diseases, illnesses and chronic conditions that some vets and physicians said couldn't be cured. 

In addition to being certified in Reiki I, II, III, Animal Reiki, Pranic Healing and Crystal Healing, Deanna also clears chakras, auras, energy rays, and cuts negative energy cords. After completing 3 different Reiki Programs and studying multiple healing modalities, she was able to compare and contrast different techniques, and now combines them together to yield faster results. Sometimes she receives messages from animals and higher beings, but not all the time.

The symptoms and conditions that Deanna has treated have been diverse:

Stress, anxiety, PTSD/trauma, cancer, lipomas (benign tumors), lymphoma, pancreatitis, nausea/vomiting, animals pee’ing on furniture, limping, pulled muscles, arthritis/tendonitis, eye and ear infections, vertigo/dizziness, rashes, depression, grief,  diarrhea, constipation, trapped gas, Gastro Intestinal issues, recovery from chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, insomnia, sciatica, carpal tunnel, migraines/headaches, laryngitis, C0VID-19, sore throat, chills/fever, body aches, sneezing, runny nose, coughing, physical pain (back, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, knees, feet, ankles, toes, stomach, uterus, groin, pectorals, thighs, broken bones etc), STDs, psoriasis, eczema, asthma, allergies, feeling “stuck”, cramps, plantar fasciitis, stiffness in fingers, ADD/inability to focus, and more!

Clients usually see positive results immediately.  Deanna doesn’t take credit for anything because she believes she’s being guided (like everyone), and Beings of Light use her as a vessel/instrument to transfer Universal Life Force Energy to others to help them heal. She is extremely passionate about Energy Healing, loves everything about it, found her calling, and is super excited to help more cats and humans feel better and live happier, longer lives.💕🐈

Book a free 20 minute consultation with Deanna here.

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“I don’t even know how to begin to express my gratitude for Deanna and the reiki healing she’s done for my cat Scarlett, who is currently being treated for pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. I reached out to Deanna from the first emergency room visit and she was available almost immediately to provide relief for Scarlett. She has been available for daily sessions for a few days in a row, is sooo sweet, caring and loving and has made me feel supported through a really scary time. During one session in particular Scarlett completely relaxed next to me and fell asleep. It was such a relief to see my baby finally get comfortable. Thank you Deanna for everything you’ve done for us. I know that with her medication and your energy work Scarlett will continue to get better and stronger every day.” 


“I took Scarlett to the vet on Friday for a follow up exam and blood work to see where her pancreatitis levels are at, and I just got the results and everything looks normal! Perfect labs! No more inflammation in her pancreas. This is with her being completely off the meds too. She’s been off everything for almost a month and is holding steady. Great news!…thank you to Deanna Tsang for reiki energy healing. She is a gifted and intuitive healer and I cannot recommend her enough. Three months ago Scarlett was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease after a really scary (and expensive) flare up. Deanna has been doing distant reiki sessions for her since the beginning, when I was at the emergency vet at 4am completely panicked and confused and decided to message her to ask for help. And I’m so glad I did!

On Friday, Scarlett’s vet was surprised to see how well she is doing now off her meds and was ready to write another prescription for steroids (which are used to treat inflammation but can have serious side effects) but with her labs coming out perfect there is no need for that! Pretty incredible considering that most cats who have this disease need to be on steroids for the rest of their lives to manage the inflammation.”

~Malvina Anna


“Thank you Deanna for doing Reiki on our cat, Misha, today during his surgery. He is 18 years old and pretty delicate and the vet said that he handled the surgery extremely well, and was very relaxed during it and eased out of the anesthesia very well. He has been through other surgeries before and was very messed up for days after. We are a mere 24 hours out of it now, and his energy & spirits are much better than any other time.  Thank you, too, for doing Reiki on his brother, Bijou.  He is very in tune with Misha and literally kept his bed warm (for the first time ever) for the exact time Misha was away in surgery. And he let Misha rest on him when he got home, and was just solid and supportive of his brother. Your Reiki treatment was incredible.  And your post-opp Reiki today is putting Misha more at ease than any other post-opp day as well. Your intuitive and caring treatments on animals is incredible.  If anyone ever has questions about your treatments, send them my way. We feel so lucky to have you as their Reiki Master.” 

~Stephen Bower

Nikko fell off the bed, and his left shoulder and leg got hurt. He couldn’t walk. I did remote Reiki for him, and immediately after (1 hour), he was back to walking around!  
“He is on the move! Walking! He was not walking earlier!!!… He is on the move again!!😂 Thank you, LOVE! Thank you so much!!! The healing was an amazing success!!!!! Seriously. I have three witnesses who saw how he could not walk all day today until your healing!! THE healing. He just did another BM! Nice & healthy 💩 😂 He pooped and this is good. Now he ready for bed. He will sleep thru the night. I need to place him on the floor so he doesn’t fall off again.”(In the morning): “He is doing well He slept so much!”(2 days later): “Nikko is walking around. He is better.  Thanks to the couple of Reiki sessions you did for him!!😘”~Aracele Pereda

Mochi had FIP virus (corona virus for cats). There were fluids in her belly and lungs initially. She didn’t have much energy – very low activity level – and wasn’t eating like normal. Currently, no medicine/drugs are available through veterinarians to treat animals who have the corona virus, but a small community of pet owners discovered medicine through a “black market”.  So Mochi’s parents started her on a treatment plan that required getting daily shots, which was supposed to continue for 84 days. Mochi didn’t do well with the shots (hated them). Her belly was full of yellow liquid, which was supposed to go down after a week. She seemed to improve slightly – eating a little more, but not as excited about food, like she normally was. Her parents were very open-minded and decided to give Reiki a try. Obviously, they knew their fur baby so well – so they said they would be able to tell if Reiki helped or not – Her dad said specifically if/when Mochi’s energy resumes, she’s excited to eat, and wants more attention, those would be good signs.POST-REIKI:

1 day later:
“She’s relaxed on the patio in the sun, was sleeping before 😃 she was thirsty! hahaha”
Later that evening: “Mochi has had a great day/afternoon. She napped in the sun, she laid on my chest which she rarely does in the mornings which was sweet. She seems like she’s happier and just more comfortable. She’s sleeping now in her cat bed 😴she seems at peace. Thank you ❤️🙏🏽her energy level is def up and improving.”2 days later:
“Hi Deanna! She’s been doing really great. Eating all her food today which she hadn’t done yet and just more energy. Also slept on my chest again this morning ❤️”3 days later:
“She is doing so much better by the day and lovable!!

She’s acting more like herself – we haven’t seen her in a while like she is now ❤️”4 days later::
“She has so much more energy now it’s crazy! The meds are helping too. I noticed a big shift though after you worked on her. Thank you so much 🙏🏽🥰”3 weeks later:
“Hi Deanna!! She’s been amazing! Thank you for checking in. So much energy and feels like a kitty again. She’s our miracle kitty❤️”

“Deanna did Reiki for my neck, back and foot, which have been hurting/bothering me for months. I’m a nurse and go to the gym regularly so the soreness, pain and muscle spasms are constant. I felt every step of the Reiki process, and it was all remote! I felt tingling on the top and back of my head first. Then, there was tingling and pulsating in my neck. The sensations in my foot were on and off – some tingling, pulsing and vibrating, but mostly in my neck – I could feel pressure, like finger tips touching the back of it. I also got a chill down my back – I think that was when Deanna was clearing my chakras – I could feel it on my head, then neck, and down my back. I was totally relaxed and almost passed out. My neck and back felt 90% better and pretty much back to normal afterwards! My neck felt relaxed immediately after the session. It was sore from working out, but not like the other day when it was spasming. My whole body feels relaxed and at peace. My foot needs more work though – that will require more sessions – but energy healing definitely helped my neck and back! I would highly recommend reaching out to Deanna if you have any physical pain. Why live in pain, if you don’t have to? Plus she can do it from a distance. So it’s really convenient and saves time. Perfect for quarantine! Only took an hour. Thanks so much, Deanna!”
~Lacie Sommer

“All I can say is, “wow”! Deanna gave me my first remote Reiki session today and it was amazing! I relaxed listening to some meditation music and eventually fell asleep. I could feel the energy in my back and neck (where I had a ton of tension and stress) and I could feel warmth, tingling, a few twitches and pure relaxation. Another great part of my experience was my dog Dottie. It was like she could feel the vibes because she was scratching at my door to join the fun. It’s like she was all zenned out too! I felt like I was on a cloud and super comfortable. Once the time was up, I felt looser, more focused and less stressed. It totally works! I’ve been going to acupuncture for months and this was immediate results versus weekly needles in my back. Deanna has a special gift and loves helping people. Her energy, literally and figuratively is a gift. I’m so happy she popped into my head and I reached out. This treatment is much more pleasant than needles. Thanks, Deanna! If you’re going to a chiropractor every other week or doing acupuncture, I suggest giving Reiki a try instead! What do you have to lose?”
~Sarah Burton

“Deanna is amazing. I’ve had Reiki done before, and her Reiki is on another level! Besides her skills and the value that you get out of the sessions, I appreciate how caring Deanna is. She checked up on me several times and went above and beyond to give helpful tips and insights. Such a beautiful soul and so glad to have found her. If you have had Reiki with others before, and want to see what a more powerful session is like…or are skeptical about it, I highly encourage you to try Deanna.”
~ Jasmine


“The level of experience I had with Deanna was extremely healing. I am a Reiki practitioner myself. I was able to dig deep into my traumas. As I was experiencing the physical and energetic release of stagnant energy, hard memories and painful emotions. All were being replaced with memories of love and blessings in my life that have derived from those same painful memories. All of my psychic abilities were ignited. I had revelations of Deanna being a very powerful healer in ancient Egypt. Definitely a confirmation From my guides I was in safe hands. I have to say, from all my forms of therapy and healing, this has been my deepest healing experience. I have felt lighter and have great sleep since. Looking forward to next months session. I’m blessed to have found you Deanna”

~Jo B.


Services & Pricing

1.) Free 30 minute Consultation 

2.) $165- Reiki & Quantum Healing (1 hour) 

3.  $250--Reiki & Quantum Healing, Aura & Chakra Clearing, Cord Cutting (2 hours)

What is needed for a Pet Session

1.) Fur baby’s First & Last Name 
2.) A picture (or two) where I can see their eyes 👀   
Head shot and/or full body photo(s)
3.) Your location (city/state) 
4.) What is your intention/goal? What are we trying to heal? 
5.) Free 30 minute consultation:
Discuss your fur baby’s situation & history/background
Answer questions
Collect information
Explain the process/options in more detail



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Deanna is Amazing

Best Reiki I have ever experienced. I could feel and see it working on my cat. My cat's appetite increased and her constipation went away Deanna kept me up to date via text with everything she was doing. . Deana was able to talk to my cat. My cat has CKD but I am confident with a few more sessions with Deanna will cure her! Witnessing these miracles brings me to grateful tears.

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