Thuja Occidentalis  200C Custom Dose

Thuja Occidentalis 200C Custom Dose

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Thuja has a veriety of uses, including warts in humans and to help the body detox from pet vaccines like the FVRCP.   This product may be purchased as an entire tube (for human or pet use) or a custom dose (recommended for vaccine detox.) A custom dose purchased through this website is NOT an entire tube; it is a custom dose of pellets assessed through energy/muscle testing based on the needs of the body.  Once this product is purchased you will be contacted via email to obtain a photo of your pet and to learn more about the condition or situation for which this remedy is being purchased.  Once this information is obtained you will be sent the precise number of pellets needed along with a protocol to follow.

For best results in a vaccine detox process, supporting the liver with a milk thistle or other similar supplement for several weeks is highly recommended followed by a systemic process to detox heavy metal and other chemicals in the vaccine.  To learn more email Pam Roussell, CHHP, at